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Amazon Tools for Authors, Useful or Useless?

As stated in my Book Publicity Newsletter, I explored the Amazon tools this week, which I found to be everything I’d always known. I’d heard about the elusive tools, which are supposed to drastically increase sales. Personally, I’m not buying it. I have no idea how an author bibliography will cause a spike in sales.

However, I have used Kindle Direct, and you can read about my experience using Kindle Direct (KD), which I found somewhat successful. The real test with KD will be this upcoming Memorial Day weekend when I run my final two-day free promo of my novel to get the word out. And, by the way, I looked on GoodReads and I’ve received two great reviews from non-friends and several readers have my book in their queue, which I credit to KD.

Now, for the big unveiling. Here are the Amazon tools:

1. Kindle Direct

2. Adding a book cover

3. Book description

4. Customer reviews

5. Editorial reviews

6. Author bibliography

7. Achieving an Amazon bestseller ranking

8. Creating Listmania Lists

9. Creating Guides

10. Participating in customer discussions

11. Search Inside This Book program (automatic w/ CreateSpace)

12. Browse paths

13. Browse categories (Look for similar items by this category)

14. Subject categories (Look for similar subjects by this category)

15. Adding a video interview

16. Adding a book trailer

17. Adding any other type of video (i.e. book signing)

18. Adding an Author Central profile

19. Adding blog feeds to your Author Central profile

20. Adding Twitter feed to your Author Central profile

I invite anyone to write to me who has had success with the Amazon tools in 2012. Since many of the tools are unavailable to authors now, but a year or two ago were available, the success story should be very recent. Thank you!